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  • Dler M. SalhEmail author
  • Bakhtyar K. Aziz
  • . Kaufhold, 
  • High Adsorption Efficiency of Topkhana Natural Clay for Methylene Blue from Medical Laboratory Wastewater: a Linear and Nonlinear Regression, Silicon, Published online 15 May-2019, DOI:

    The High Efficiency of Anionic Dye Removal Using Ce-Al13/Pillared Clay from Darbandikhan Natural ClayMolecules 2019, 24(15), 2720;

    3. Rapid facile synthesis of Cu2ZnSnSfilms from melt reactions 

          Mundher Al-Shakban1,*, Naktal Al-Dulaimi2,3, Thokozani Xabaand Ahmad Raheel5

    4. Impact of oxidative stress on the function, abundance and turnover of the Arabidopsis 80S cytosolic ribosome
    Karzan J. Salih ,Owen Duncan ,Lei Li ,Brendan O’Leary ,Ricarda Fenske, Josua Trösch, A. Harvey Millar
    The Plant Journa
    February 2020

    Karzan Jalal Salih, Owen Duncan, Lei Li, Josua Trösch, A. Harvey Millar
    Biochem Journal
    October 2020


    7. Hot Injection Synthesis of Orthorhombic SnS Nanoparticles from Bis(O-n-Propyldithiocarbonato)      
         Mundher Al-Shakban*, Naktal Al-DulaimiThokozani XabaAhmad Raheel

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