Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry  


The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PHC) is a new department at College of Medical and Applied Sciences- Charmo University. It was established in 2018.

Currently, there are eleven teaching staff in the department and all the faculty members have doctoral and master’s degree.

Faculty teaching staffs are actively engaged in research and they publish their work in high ranked and reputed international journals.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry department is a specific department which represent the link between both chemical and biological disciplines to serve medical sector. The function of this department is to provide students with a complex understanding of drug and auxiliary substance chemistry.


The Pharmaceutical Chemistry department is a four-years study which followed bologna process which consists of 8 semesters (each two semester per one year) undergraduate study leading to a bachelor's degree (B.Sc.). Those students who joined the PHC department including those students which have got high degree during their last year of their higher (secondary) school.

Students joined the first academic year at PHC department in 2018-2019 and the first batch of students will graduate in September 2022. 

Mission of department:

The department is responsible for teaching the core in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Toxicology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Drug Design. The courses in the department also focus on practical courses including pharmaceutical biochemistry, organic chemistry and development of the drug and control drug.

Consequently, the students can get comprehensive information in the field of basic chemistry and pharmaceutical (drug), which students will able to design and develop drugs and to expand new methods for the analysis of the drug, subsequent the best recent teaching methods.

The students in the first and second semester of their study can get some fundamental modules which help them to better understand for their later semesters, these basic lectures including of organic, physical, analytical and biochemistry.

The course contents also paid special consideration to the molecular structure of the drug, methods of analysis and principles to learn the design and development of the drug.   


There is a lack of graduated in the Pharmacy work in the pharmaceutical industry in Kurdistan, and there is an unmet need for employees in the pharmaceutical industry. The idea of creating this department at the university came through the university presidency plan, to develop the field of drug and pharmaceutical industry and to provide the hospitals and other health sectors with graduates of pharmaceutical chemistry. In addition, by having a source of undergraduate students there will be no need for graduates of this specialization from outside Kurdistan. 


Aims of the department:

Pharmaceutical chemistry department aims are:

1. Recognition and classification of some scientific branches which includes physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and bio chemistry.

2. Preparing students to adapt with the modern techniques used in the development and designing drugs. As well as to learn the processes of drug synthesis and study the mechanics of work, structures, and applications.

3. To achieve excellence in educational courses and scientific research with a wide scientific background that contributes synthesis of new drugs and pharmaceutical quality control.

Teaching Philosophy:

Pharmaceutical chemistry department has several academic teaching staff which they have doctoral and master’s degree and they are  actively engaged in both teaching and  researching.


Undergraduate and post graduate study:

 PHC department, now has both undergraduate and post graduate students.

1)   Since 2018, for the first time the first semester of the department was opened, and more than 30 students joined to the department. 

2)  In 2020, for the first time, the department has opened the post graduate study for both high diploma and master student in biochemistry, clinical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and nano chemistry.                                                                                                                                         

Form of teaching:

1.    During the academic year, several methods of teaching will be used in order to send off the message contents of the 

  course book which will be inclusive lectures, problem solving and discussion methods.

2.    The contents of the lessons will be presented using data show (Power Point), white board, etc.

3.    The whole course material will be uploaded to the Google Classroom few days before the lecture will be taught.

4.    English is the written and spoken language in all lessons.

5.    All the material is written in the course book and covered in all the classes will be included in the exam.

The following courses are to be studied  semester wise (under graduate):


Semester I:

Terminology of PHC

Math I


English Listening I

English Speaking I

English Reading I

English Writing I

University Experience I

Social Activity I

Semester II:

Terminology of PHC

Math II


English Listening II

English Speaking II

English Reading II

English Writing II

University Experience II

Social Activity II

Semester III:

Pharmaceutical Organic Chem. I

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chem. I

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry


Physical Pharmacy I

Semester IV:

Pharmaceutical Organic Chem. II

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry I

Physical Pharmacy II

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chem. II

Green Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Industry

 Semester V:

Pharmaceutical Organic Synthesis


Instrumental analysis

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry II


Pharmacology I

 Semester VI:

Organic Drug Identification

Medicinal Chemistry I

Pharmaceutical Toxicology

Pharmacology II

Pharmacognosy I

Drug Design I

 Semester VII:

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

Pharmaceutics Dosage Form Design

Pharmaceutics Dispensing and Community Pharmacy

Pharmacognosy I

Project (Literature Review)

Medicinal Chemistry II

 Semester VIII:

Clinical Pharmacy and Drug Interactions

Pharmaceutical Legislation& Ethics

Pharmaceutical Technology 

Project (Practical)

Drug quality control

Pharmaceutical Industrial Management

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Academic staffs of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department:

Position: Head of the Department
Scientific Title: Lecturer

Mr.  Azad Khalf Hamafaraj

Scientific Title: Assistant lecturer
Position: The Dean
Scientific Title: Assistant Prof.

Dr. Ary Murad
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title:  Lecturer
 Shwan Majid Ahmad
Position: Teaching Staff Scientific Title:  

Dr. Hayman Adoul
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title:  Lecturer

 M. Hezha Omar Rasul
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: Lecturer
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: 
Position: Teaching Staff Scientific Title: 
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: 
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: 
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: 
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: